Hydraulic Invert Formwork

ConstroSystems is one of the leading to provide the Hydraulic Girder Formwork System suitable for the wide number of applications. Hydraulic Invert Formwork Gantry is a type of separate formwork side that is manlily positioned in the gantry crane with the base framework. 

Hydraulic Invert Formwork Gantry

The assembly profile is specially stipulated on the construction site. When the hydraulic invert formwork elements have been set in place, then they could be completely positioned upright with the use of hydraulic cylinders or with the use of a jack.

It would be locked together using the upper tie rod. Upper chords will be hooked based on the chord mountings, which could be adjusted into the height, and it is an especially variable adjustment on the inclination and height using the spindles.

Classic Designed Hydraulic Invert Formwork:

Modern formworks has been designed with the unique hydraulic structures with the upper and lower chords so that they could be achievable even with 21 mm shuttering boards. Prefabricated steel mirrors are standardized girder programmed having the handy plug-in assembly devices so that it facilitates the speed up on the technical procedure.

We at ConstroSystems are well versed in designing the traveling formwork (Gantry) based on the suitable shapes as well as size available for the tunnel, even at the diameter of 12 meters. We are proficient in designing other types of formwork also suitable for various kinds of applications in the modern-day. 

We have designed several gantries ranging from 3 meters to 12.5-meter diameter across many numbers of hydroelectric projects. Our Hydraulic Invert Formwork Gantry is specially designed with

  • Lightweight
  • Robust feature
  • Very fast delivery cycle
  • Easier for maintenance
  • Mechanical tunnel formwork
  • Fast installation at site

Our team uses unique made the Indian made pneumatic form vibrators as well as gantry wheels made with cast steel so that it would create the extremely flexible deployment options that would match the customer requirement.