Shaft Design & Construction

Shafts play a critical role in the operation and construction of every tunnel. They enable easy access from the ground to tunnel level for every type of tunnels. It includes providing passengers easy access to underground rail tunnels and mass transit.

They also appear as the drop shafts for the wastewater tunnels and uptake and down take shafts for the water supply tunnels. The most important thing about shafts is that it they bring ventilation for rail tunnels, mass transit, and highways. They are generally elliptical or circulation in the section for the structural efficiency purposes. We at Constrosystems are specializing in Shaft Design and Construction.

Our construction process 

Shafts are actually designed to oppose the lateral pressures during the construction process and throughout the service lives. It includes the earth, water, rock pressures and more. Our Shaft Construction can be done by using different methods which are given below:

  • Sped slide rails and trench boxes 
  • Liner plates 
  • Secant piles 
  • Sheet piles 
  • Drilled shafts
  • Slurry walls
  • Caissons
  • Ground freezing

Before determining the shaft construction technique, we can decide the minimum shaft size.   During the designing process, these dimensions are determined by the physical layout of the final structure.

Why choose us for shaft construction?

We are the dedicated team of shaft manufacturing contractors who are having expert knowledge and professional experience in this field. With better expertise, we can understand the needs of customers and work accordingly.  The precise skills let us to handle all kinds of shaft construction projects regardless of their complexity levels. They are associated with tons of benefits that include:

  • Accurate, fast and clean construction 
  • Fast construction times 
  • Fewer labour times required 
  • Constructs immediate shafts

With a well-trained workforce and unique approach, we can meet the needs of our customers without compromising quality and safety. These solutions are developed based on effective methodologies.